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Rosco The Rascal, Calendar Dog: Fall & Winter

Join ten-year-old James, seven-year-old Mandy, and their sometimes mischievous but always lovable German shepherd, Rosco, in a collection of seasonal short stories. With black-and-white chapter illustrations, these stories of varying length will appeal to younger readers as well as to established Rosco the Rascal fans, with six stories for Fall and Winter, one for each month.

September: Bring Your Pet to School Day

October: Rosco the Rascal Trick-or-Treats

November: A Tale for Thanksgiving

December: Christmas Magic

January: New Friends in January

February: The Legend of Cupid


For Ages 6-10

Available in paperback, hardcover and Kindle.

Released October 2020

Amazon US | Amazon UK

Listen to an audio recording of Christmas Magic read by voice artist Dave Pettitt

Rosco the Rascal - Christmas Magic - by Shana Gorian. Read by Dave Pettitt
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