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Rosco The Rascal's Fourth of July (Book 8)

It's a puppy-sitting Fourth of July!


Rosco is excited to learn that a four-month-old German shepherd is going to spend a whole week with the family over the star-spangled holiday until Bruno the pup turns out to be even more of a mischief-maker than Rosco, himself.


When Rosco must take the blame for the little devil's folly one too many times and watch the newcomer receive special treatment from James and Mandy, Rosco has finally had enough. He's washing his 'paws' of Bruno once and for all.


But when the first thunderous booms of the fireworks show on the Fourth of July send Bruno bolting into the forest in terror, will Rosco swallow his pride and save the little guy from the dangers lurking in the dark? Find out in this short, seasonal tale about empathy, selflessness, and responsibility, a perfect addition to your child's summertime reading.

For Ages 6-9

Available in paperback and Kindle. Books do not need to be read in a particular order.

Released July 2023 | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | Independent


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