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A search for buried treasure unearths more than the kids bargained for when an infamous pirate’s curse unleashes its deadly wrath.


When a friendly shopkeeper spins a sordid tale of pirate legend on their first day of vacation, Noah dismisses it as nothing more than a thrilling tale. Yet, following his souvenir treasure map through the Caribbean rain forest in pursuit of the elusive “X” sounds like a fun way to spend a day in paradise.

Little does he know the pursuit could change his life forever.

Because as he and his sister and best friend inch closer to the treasure, the unimaginable might just become reality.

And if it does, can the kids defy the odds and escape with their lives?

Follow this unforgettable adventure of three unlikely sleuths, filled with fast-paced thrills and tropical island fun.

No graphic violence or language.


What Customers Are Saying About this Book

"...Pirate shipwrecks, vindictive ghosts, and buried treasure make this an exciting fictional story for middle (grade) and younger to enjoy. Old enough not to try this in real life but also old enough to enjoy an "Indiana Jones" adventure..." ~ P Susan, Vine Voice


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The Curse of Pirate's Cove~Book Three

  • Paperback

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