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A weekend in New York State spells trouble for the kids when a vengeful ghost on horseback tears across the countryside under the light of the moon.


Noah’s got his hands full, although he doesn’t mind the freedom that a weekend at the Murphy’s apple orchard offers. He’s got farm chores to do and a geocache to locate—an extra credit assignment that might be his only chance at raising his failing history grade.

But when its GPS coordinates point toward a massive corn maze smack in the middle of a popular fall festival, the hunt becomes a lot more complicated than he’d imagined, especially when the gang learns of the vengeful nineteenth-century ghost rider haunting the fields.

Join this modern-day group of accidental sleuths as they unravel another heart-racing historical mystery in the Tales of the Lost & Found. Recommended for ages 9-12. Grab your copy today!

No graphic violence or language.


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The Legend of Creepy Hollow~Book Two

  • Paperback

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