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Thirteen-year-old Noah thought a winter break trip to his aunt and uncle’s house would simply mean snowball fights and hot cocoa. But a seemingly harmless sledding trip to the local state park unearths a chilling secret.


For sixty years, a nearby reservoir has held a dark truth beneath its icy surface. Now, angry spirits stir, their vengeful trickery spilling into the small Pennsylvania town.

Noah and friends find themselves tangled in a web of ghostly whispers and a community desperate to bury the past.

Can the kids unravel the secrets the town is hiding and stop the ghosts?

Don't miss this chilling story perfect for ages 8-12.

No graphic violence or language.


What Customers Are Saying About this Book

"...A wonderful addition to a family favorite series. Aimed for older elementary children, it is a novel for independent readers third grade and above. Each book is a stand-alone with the same characters. Highly recommend. Intriguing without being overly scary, gory, or having offensive language that you would prefer that your kids not read." ~ PSusan, Goodreads review


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The Whispering Woods~Book Four

  • Paperback

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