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School Visits

Shana Gorian is available to visit elementary school classrooms, libraries and homeschool groups. Please contact by email with requests.


Preferred time frame: 30-40 minutes+; can be tailored to fit the school's schedule


Preferred group size: 1-3 classrooms, or about 25-70 kids at a time (can vary); or fewer


Preferred age groups: 1st-3rd grade is most often the prime audience, but presentations will vary slightly based on the age level of students. For 4th-5th graders, Shana will discuss writing in more depth in addition to an interactive presentation.


Book sales: Pre-order flyer for books will be sent to classrooms prior to the visit but there is no requirement for book orders. Books sales by students are encouraged, however, and can be done either before or after the visit.

Five Accelerated Reader (AR) Quizzes: (one per book) can be easily downloaded and set up for a school's Renaissance Accelerated Reader program, before or after the visit, where a school currently uses the A.R. program. Quizzes are available on a per school basis. Please contact Shana Gorian by email with questions.


School Visit Areas: Riverside, San Diego and Orange Counties of Southern California at this time. Please email for more information or to schedule a visit


Homeschool Visits: Groups of eight or more students ages 5-11. The same details apply as above but the fee is waived. However, the sale of eight or more books is requested.


Areas: Riverside and San Diego Counties at this time. Please email for more information or to schedule a visit to


Letters written by second graders.
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