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Grandma Says Hush, Little Baby: A Modern Retelling of an Old Favorite Lullaby

Everyone knows the familiar tune, but what happens when Grandma rewrites the lyrics?

Baby doesn’t have to go to sleep! Baby gets to blow bubbles, splash in the water, and eat ice cream sundaes! Special memories are made, and baby’s tears dry.

From a mother-daughter writing team
, Patricia Kennedy and Shana Gorian, comes this whimsical and modern retelling of an old favorite lullaby that honors the special connection between grandmothers and grandchildren.

Grandma Says Hush, Little Baby is filled with beautiful illustrations, funny and heartwarming moments, and a look at the time-honored bond between a grandmother and a grandchild.


So make someone’s day and honor that special bond with this book.

Order Grandma Says Hush, Little Baby here on Amazon for $10.99!

Or Buy Direct from the author for $10.99 with the yellow Paypal button, includes standard 7-10 day shipping & tax. Non-autographed Paperback only. USA only.

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