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Tales of the Lost  & Found: a middle grade mystery adventure series

Join 13-year-old Noah, his sister Oakley, and his best friend Andre as they uncover ghostly secrets and historical treasures.

"A page-turning, thrilling adventure for kids!"

The Haunted Lighthouse: Book One in the new middle grade series for ages 9-12, Tales of the Lost & Found.

When a mysterious beam of light appears during a thunderstorm off the coast of Maine with no logical explanation, three friends go in search of answers and find themselves unraveling an otherworldly tale.

On a visit to a coastal harbor town, the world is Noah’s oyster as long as the stormy weather doesn’t ruin the fun. Summer break has just begun, and with seven days of freedom, how much trouble can thirteen-year-old Noah, his best friend, and his sister really find? Plenty, as it turns out.

Because when the kids go snooping around an old, decommissioned lighthouse, its troublesome secrets begin to reveal themselves, and the kids are about to stumble upon a hundred-year-old mystery that still haunts the nearby fishing village.

Follow the adventures of three unlikely sleuths in the Tales of the Lost & Found, a new middle grade mystery series by Shana Gorian, recommended for ages 9-12.

No graphic violence or language. Books can be read in any order.

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The Legend of Creepy Hollow: Book Two. Available in paperback, ebook, and Kindle Unlimited now.

A weekend in New York State spells trouble for the kids when a vengeful ghost on horseback tears across the countryside under the light of the moon.

Noah’s got his hands full, although he doesn’t mind the freedom that a weekend at the Murphy’s apple orchard offers. He’s got farm chores to do and a geocache to locate—an extra credit assignment that might be his only chance at raising his failing history grade.

But when its GPS coordinates point toward a massive corn maze smack in the middle of a popular fall festival, the hunt becomes a lot more complicated than he’d imagined, especially when the gang learns of the vengeful nineteenth-century ghost rider haunting the fields.

And then, of course, there’s his tongue-tying crush on the Murphy’s thirteen-year-old granddaughter. Don’t even get him started on that.

Join this modern-day group of accidental sleuths as they unravel another heart-racing historical mystery in the Tales of the Lost & Found. Recommended for ages 9-12.

No graphic violence or language.

"The autumn setting and eerie feel contrast the peaceful nature of the farm with the threats that loom over them. The author skillfully weaves history within the plot teaching about the Harvest and Hunter’s Moon while revealing plot elements. Mystery, coming of age, detectives, and fear combine to entice middle grade readers to turn each page."

~Author Barbara Mojica

"Shana Gorian is a master storyteller. This fast-paced adventure has all the right ingredients for a memorable read - great setting, characters, mystery, and a wonderful plot. Loved the descriptions - really felt like I was there. Adding a geocache was a fun element! Highly recommend!" ~ Amazon review

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"Mystery, coming of age, detectives, and fear combine to entice middle grade readers to turn each page."

The Curse of Pirate's Cove: Book Three. Available in paperback, ebook, and Kindle Unlimited now.

A search for buried treasure unearths more than the kids bargained for when an infamous pirate’s curse unleashes its deadly wrath. See the details or order on:

When a friendly shopkeeper spins a sordid tale of pirate legend on their first day of vacation, Noah dismisses it as nothing more than a thrilling tale. Yet, following his souvenir treasure map through the Caribbean rain forest in pursuit of the elusive “X” sounds like a fun way to spend a day in paradise.

Little does he know the pursuit could change his life forever.

Because as he and his sister and best friend inch closer to the treasure, the unimaginable might just become reality.

And if it does, can the kids defy the odds and escape with their lives?

Follow this unforgettable adventure of three unlikely sleuths, filled with fast-paced thrills and tropical island fun.

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