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A Cat Named Whiskers

Whiskers' Valentine's Day

Whiskers the cat is lonesome, but help is on the way.

Because when Cupid delivers a special Valentine card for Whiskers, something magical happens, and the frisky feline’s day takes a whole new turn. Follow the February adventures of a cat named Whiskers as he learns the true value of friendship.

With beautiful watercolor illustrations, whimsical holiday magic, and easy-to-read rhyming verse, A Cat Named Whiskers is sure to become a favorite new holiday tradition for your child in every season. Look for more books in the series in 2024 and grab your copy of this first holiday adventure today.


Whiskers Finds His Luck

Whiskers is enjoying a carefree spring day.

But when he discovers a teeny tiny house in the middle of a field of clover, he can’t imagine who might be small enough to live there. As he patiently observes from his hiding spot, a leprechaun appears, kickstarting a day filled with luck and magic.

Join a cat named Whiskers in this enchanting St. Patrick's Day adventure filled with delightful watercolor illustrations, easy-to-read rhyming verse, and a positive message about the truest riches to be found—those which we already possess.


Look for more in the series in 2024 and grab your copy of this holiday adventure today.



Whiskers' Easter Adventure

Something seems amiss when Whiskers wakes to find colorful eggs dotting every room of his house.


Who put them there?

It doesn’t take long before the curious cat finds the culprit, but Whiskers is not going to let the speedy little rabbit get away with making a mess, so he sets off after him like only a cat can do.

Fortunately, the mysterious rabbit is fast! Join Whiskers as he unwittingly chases not just any rabbit, but the Easter Bunny, around the neighborhood. Will the Bunny safely escape so he can resume his work, or will Whiskers unintentionally ruin Easter?

This whimsical story about looking before you leap is filled with charming watercolor illustrations, easy-to-read rhyming verse, and a humorous what-if to ignite the imagination of a child, young and old.


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