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Cover art by Josh Addessi for Rosco the Rascal and the Holiday Lights

Rosco The Rascal and the Holiday Lights

James’ and Mandy's neighborhood has taken first place in the holiday lights Best Block contest. But will Rosco’s attempts to help only wreak havoc and wreck Opening Night? And will Mandy’s insistence on working independently be her downfall at the school train parade? Find out in this heartwarming Christmas adventure, the fifth installment in the action-packed and wholesome Rosco the Rascal series.

*Contains a back-of-book dictionary with underlined words to encourage the use of new vocabulary

*Early Middle Grade reading level: perfect for an advanced younger reader or an on-level older reader


For Ages 6-10

Also available in hardcover on Amazon and Ingram.

Released December 2018

Renaissance Accelerated Reader (A.R.) Quiz No. 500815 EN Fiction,

Reading Level 4.2

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This book is Story Monsters Approved! The Story Monsters Approved! book designation program was developed to recognize and honor accomplished authors in the field of children’s literature that inspire, inform, teach, or entertain. A Story Monsters seal of approval on a book tells teachers, librarians, and parents they are giving children the very best.
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"A wonderful children's book for any age! As I was reading, my 10 year old decided to read along with me, and thoroughly enjoyed it! A great way to teach children about how good competitiveness can bring people together and become friends. We fell in love with Rosco!" ~ NetGalley reviewer, Shay A.

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Five Stars: "My favorite, so far" -Author Larry Feign, Goodreads

"I really like this book and this author. She genuinely understands what matters to young children, and writes with warmth, humor, and more suspense than you might expect in a Christmas story. As an adult reader, by the time I was one third through the book, I couldn't put it down.


Can fifth grader James cope with being constantly overshadowed by the popular boy down the street? Can first grader Mandy make real her wish to do things all by herself without messing up in front of everyone? And can Rosco the German Shepherd prove to one and all that he's not a stupid, clumsy oaf, and save the neighborhood from the brink of Christmas disaster (which he partly caused)? These are all real human (and canine?) feelings which anyone can relate to. My favorite parts are those told from the dog's point of view-both heart-warming and very funny at the same time.

A clever addition to the e-book version is the clickable links to define some of the "hard" words and phrases (such as "cringe" and "steal the show"), which are great for building confidence in early readers.

If you want stories to stir the hearts of the young people in your life, the Rosco the Rascal series is a lovable choice. This book, though seasonal, is my favorite so far." -Author Larry Feign, Goodreads

Five Stars: "Readers are likely to be hooked on the series" -Author Barbara Ann Mojica, Top Contributor: Amazon Children's Books reviews

"This is the fifth book in the Rosco the Rascal book series which features an impetuous German Shepherd and the McKendrick Family. These books are stand alone adventures, but readers are likely to be hooked on the series after reading any one of them.

The illustrations will assist beginning readers to follow the plot. I especially liked the vocabulary section which explains the more difficult words used in the context of the story. Children can have fun testing themselves with the words from the fifth-grade spelling bee.


As the story opens, readers learn that the McKendrick family has just been notified that their block has won first place in the Best Holiday Lights in their town of Harmony. Seven-year-old Mandy and ten-year-old James are just as excited as their parents and the local community. Mr. McKendrick enlists James to patrol the neighborhood to make sure everything runs smoothly while he and Mrs. McKendrick entertain the judges on the opening night. Mandy volunteers to serve hot chocolate to visitors who drive through the neighborhood to view the display.

Of course, nothing goes smoothly. Readers learn about James’ competition with his friend Mason. He feels second best because Mason always seems smarter, more talented, and more popular. James is resentful when Mason enlists friends and appears to take over the patrol. Mandy, on the other hand, wants to do things for herself, yet feels terribly insecure and inadequate. But what about Rosco? Rosco doesn’t understand what the holiday light hubbub means. He gets into a lot of trouble before figuring out the light show is about sharing the Christmas spirit. What leads to his revelation? What do James and Mandy learn about themselves, their family, and their community? Read this entertaining chapter book for elementary and middle grade students to find out." -Author Barbara Ann Mojica, Top Contributor: Amazon Children's Books reviews

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